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We live in Haukadalur valley and want to share our lifestyle with you.  The total population of the valley is just under 20 persons and the team that awaits your arrival is typical for the overall populations, two couples with teenagers.  The valley is a remarkably quiet place, except when the wind howls.  Winters in Iceland have short days and long nights, so we are out and about during the light hours and try to relax a little during the darker hours.  The darkness makes you small in such a place, with starry sky over your head and even northern lights swirling, if you are lucky.


The two farms Giljaland and Jörvi are our homes.  At Giljaland you will find genuine off-the-grid living conditions, with the small-scale hydropower plant, which heats up the house, the water and the small hot tub outside. Up there guests will also sometimes be completely disconnected to the digital world and don't see any light other than the stars.  You can cuddle up on the sofa and listen to the mild sound of knitting pins.  At Jorvi you can see some animal life.  Chicken, horses (if they decide to stay near the home) cats and a dog.  There is a fully functional ceramic workshop in the house and you can try the potter's wheel if you are up to it.

Reynir Gudbrandsson
Host at Jorvi

Reynir is an educated baker, but since forever he has been reparing vehicles, driving big cars and controlling big machines. 

Bjarnheidur Johannsdottir
Host at Jorvi

Bjarnheidur holds a masters degree in ceramic design and has been teaching business classes for some years.  

Pétur Guðsteinsson
Host at Giljaland

Pétur is a skilled mechanic and famous for his scones and cakes.

Sigurbjörg Kristmundsdóttir
Host at Giljaland

Sigurbjörg holds a masters degree in international business and marketing.  She is known for her hand knitted crafts.